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How to Reset Cobra Security Camera Password?

How to Reset Cobra Security Camera Password? Best Step-by-Step Guideness 2023

How to Reset Cobra Security Camera Password? Security and protection of your data should always be a top priority when using technology. And, with the rise in cybercrime, it’s increasingly important for Cobra Security Camera owners and administrators to make sure that their devices are secured with strong passwords and other security measures.

To reset your Cobra Security Camera password, first ensure the system is powered on, then press and hold the reset button located on the DVR’s back panel for about 15-30 seconds. Once the system restarts, you can use the default username and password (usually ‘admin’ and ‘00000’) to log in. Remember to change this to a secure password immediately after logging in to maintain security.

However, if you’ve forgotten or misplaced your password for your Cobra Security Camera, fear not! We’ll walk you through our step-by-step guide on how to reset your Cobra Security Camera Password so that you can access it again without any issues – securely and quickly!

How to Reset Cobra Security Camera Password?

Read below to learn How to Reset the Cobra Security Camera Password.

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Introducing the Cobra Security Camera and Why You Should Reset its Password

The Cobra Security Camera is a popular choice among homeowners for its superior surveillance capabilities. Resetting its password is crucial to ensure the integrity of the footage and user privacy. It prevents unauthorized access, helps maintain control of the system, and safeguards against potential security breaches.

  • Unauthorized Access Prevention: Regularly resetting your password helps keep unauthorized users from accessing your security camera system.
  • Control Maintenance: Regular password changes help maintain control over who can view your camera feed and access its stored footage.
  • Security Breach Safeguard: Changing passwords can help prevent potential security breaches that could compromise the safety of your property.
  • Cybersecurity Best Practice: Routine password changes align with recommended cybersecurity practices for maintaining secure systems.
  • Personal Privacy Assurance: Regular password changes ensure the privacy of the individuals whose activities might be captured by the camera.

Exploring How to Reset Cobra Security Camera Password

Resetting your Cobra Security Camera password involves a series of straightforward steps. It’s a simple process that requires only a few minutes. Following these steps ensures that your security system remains secure and you can continue to monitor with peace of mind.

  • Step 1: Locate the reset button on the DVR’s back panel.
  • Step 2: Ensure the system is powered on.
  • Step 3: Hold the reset button for 15-30 seconds until the system restarts.
  • Step 4: Log in using the default credentials (usually ‘admin’ and ‘00000’).
  • Step 5: Immediately change the default password to a secure one.
  • Step 6: Test the new password to ensure it works.
  • Step 7: Enjoy secure access to your Cobra Security Camera!

Disconnecting the Camera from the Power Supply and Wi-Fi network

Before resetting the Cobra Security Camera, it’s critical to disconnect it from both the power supply and the WiFi network. This ensures a complete reset and prevents potential issues during the process.

  • Step 1: Unplug the camera from the power source to ensure it’s powered off completely.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the camera from your WiFi network via your router’s settings.
  • Step 3: Wait for a few minutes to allow the camera to fully disconnect.
  • Step 4: Proceed with the reset process as instructed above.
  • Step 5: Once the reset is complete, reconnect the camera to the power source and your WiFi network.

Setting up a New Password Using the Web Interface Tool

After resetting the Cobra Security Camera, it’s crucial to setup a new password using the web interface tool. This tool is user-friendly and ensures your camera system is secure with a new password.

  • Step 1: Open the web interface tool and log in using the default credentials.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section and opt for ‘Password Settings’.
  • Step 3: Enter your current (default) password and then your new desired password.
  • Step 4: Confirm the new password by re-entering it in the designated box.
  • Step 5: Click ‘Apply’ or ‘Save’ to finalize your changes. Remember to note down and securely store the new password.

Finalizing the Password Reset Process with a Factory Reset

Sometimes a regular password reset might not be enough if your Cobra Security Camera continues to experience issues. In such scenarios, a factory reset can be a powerful solution to restore the camera to its original settings and start afresh.

  • Step 1: Locate the reset button on the DVR’s back panel.
  • Step 2: Hold down the reset button for 15-30 seconds.
  • Step 3: Release the button when the DVR restarts and displays the setup screen.
  • Step 4: Follow the onscreen instructions to set up the device again.
  • Step 5: Set a new password during the setup process.
  • Step 6: Confirm the new password and complete the setup process.
  • Step 7: Test the new settings to ensure they work as expected..

Common Pitfalls While Trying to Reset Your Cobra Security Camera Password and Solutions to Avoid Them

Resetting your Cobra Security Camera password can sometimes cause difficulties. Several common pitfalls can lead to unsuccessful attempts but are easily avoidable with the correct knowledge and preparation.

  • Forgetting the Default Password: Always keep a record of the default password (‘admin’ and ‘00000’) for the initial login post-reset.
  • Not Fully Disconnecting: Ensure the power and Wi-Fi connections are completely disconnected before the reset.
  • Incorrect Timing: Press and hold the reset button for the exact duration (15-30 seconds) to avoid system glitches.
  • Delay in Password Change: Change the default password immediately after logging in to secure your system.
  • Skipping Factory Reset: If a regular reset fails, perform a factory reset to restore the original settings.

Wrapping Up – What’s Next After Successfully Resetting your Cobra Security Camera Password

After successfully resetting your Cobra Security Camera password, there are several measures you should take to ensure its ongoing security and optimal functionality. These include regular maintenance, software updates, and vigilance towards retaining your new password.

  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check your camera and its associated systems for any physical or digital issues that might impact its performance.
  • Software Updates: Ensure you regularly update your camera’s software to the latest version. This helps to maintain functionality and improve security.
  • Password Security: Keep your new password in a secure place and avoid sharing it unnecessarily. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Regular Password Changes: For additional security, consider changing your password every few months by following the same steps outlined above.
  • Monitor Activity: Regularly monitor the footage and system logs to detect any suspicious activity early.


In conclusion, resetting your Cobra Security Camera password is a straightforward process when followed correctly. Ensuring a complete disconnect before the reset, using the web interface for new password setup, and resorting to a factory reset if necessary are critical steps. Avoiding common pitfalls can lead to a successful reset. After resetting, maintenance, software updates, and regular password changes ensure continued security and optimal function of your system.


1. What is the default password for a Cobra Security Camera?

The default credentials for a Cobra Security Camera are usually ‘admin’ for the username and ‘00000’ for the password. However, it’s recommended to change these credentials immediately after resetting to secure your camera system.

2. What should I do if the regular password reset doesn’t work?

If a regular password reset doesn’t work, you may need to do a factory reset. This will restore your Cobra Security Camera to its original settings. Remember, you will need to reconfigure all your settings after a factory reset, including setting a new password.

3. How often should I change the password of my Cobra Security Camera?

For optimal security, it’s recommended to change your Cobra Security Camera password every few months. Regular password changes help protect your system from unauthorized access.

4. How do I disconnect my Cobra Security Camera from my WiFi network?

You can disconnect your Cobra Security Camera from your WiFi network via your router’s settings. Ensure that the camera is completely disconnected before starting the reset process.

5. What steps should I take to ensure the ongoing security of my Cobra Security Camera after resetting the password?

After resetting your password, remember to regularly check your camera for any physical or digital issues, update your camera’s software to the latest version, secure your new password, change your password every few months, and regularly monitor the system logs and footage for any suspicious activity.

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